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The world of Rimworld is so cruel and merciless. How long can you survive in a world of bad weather, hunger, thirst and aggressive barbarians? You can probably only last 1 week or 1 month at most. Especially if you’re new to the game, it’s harder. Don’t worry though, we’ve prepared a great Rimworld Base layout guide for those who can’t establish a colony that will survive for a long time in the Rimworld universe.

rimworld base layout
rimworld base layout

Most of the Rimworld bases in our guide were created by game experts. In addition, the colonies on our list have generally managed to survive for a minimum of 10 years according to the game time frame. In fact, with these Rimworld base designs, you will have the chance to play the game until you get bored. Because most of the bases we recommend will be too strong to be captured by devastating enemies. Now let’s take a quick look at our list.

There is a big problem with establishing large and complex colonies on Rimworld. This problem is waste. We have published a guide called Rimworld Toxic Wastepack to fix the problem. Maybe you want to take a look.

1. For Beginners: Rimworld Base Layout in the Comfort of Home

With the release of the Rimworld Biontech update a few months ago, many new players joined the game. And most of the new players unfortunately do not know exactly how to create a base. Therefore, as Console Bandit, we decided to show a very simple design before suggesting a complex Rimworld base design.

rimworld base design starter
rimworld base design starter

It is possible to see the first version of the design clearly in the picture above. Each colonist has a private area in this Rimworld base layout design, which was prepared with a starting colony of 4 people in mind. Having their own bedrooms, bathrooms and a small kitchen area is especially useful for the happiness of the colonists.

rimworld base design
rimworld base design

In the second picture, you can see the electrical diagram of the colony. There is a very simple energy system in the colony, where electricity is provided by 4 solar panels in total. While we usually list Rimworld base layout ideas, we pay great attention to the energy design of that design. In this design, the extra energy produced is stored in two rooms in the base with 4 batteries. As a result we offer fairly simple Rimworld base layouts. It will probably take you 10-15 minutes to design this base.

2. Rimworld Mountain Base Design

The dose of aggressive enemies in the Rimworld world can sometimes increase. They can attack your base with rockets, shells and even mortars. For this reason, sometimes building a base in open areas can cause really big problems. Here we are with Rimworld mountain base design to keep you away from this kind of trouble.

rimworld base layout ideas
rimworld base layout ideas

As you can see from the picture, this Rimworld base layout is quite complex and has been created with the combination of many different complexes. You can easily see many buildings such as hydroponics press rooms, power generation centers, bedrooms, laboratories, hospitals, warehouses and prisons. And they are all connected by long corridors. It also has a large heavily armed defense line in front of it, before fully entering the colony.

In general, such large Rimworld base designs become attractive to outside enemies. For those who want to attack your base and take all your loot, the front line of defense makes a lot of sense.

3. Castle-Like Rimworld Best Base Layout

While researching Rimworld base layout ideas on Google, we came across many different colony concepts. Most of them were pretty weird and too complex for anyone to understand except the one who built that base. For this reason, we preferred to take a look at the base designs that are quite simple and can be easily built by beginners. As a result of this research, we found this wonderful design that looks like medieval castles.

rimworld building designs castle
rimworld building designs castle

As you can see, it has a very simple design that provides private rooms, storage point, farm area, communal shower and dining areas for all colonists. Usually such simple Rimworld bases are quite weak in defense. So if you get an attack from outside, there is a high chance that the entire colony will be destroyed. Therefore, if you are considering designing this base on our list, please try to prioritize defense a little more.

4. A Mountain with a Lake View

When starting the construction of the Rimworld base layout, hollowing out the mountain has always been a great idea. So what would it look like if there was a small lake inside that mountain? If you think it could be great, you’re absolutely right. The image below is exactly interprets for our feelings.

rimworld base layouts
rimworld base layouts

What more could you want from a game when there are forests with lots of trees, clean water, field zones, power generation centers, storage areas and armed defense lines?

Everything is very nice, but unfortunately this map is not in the game’s own database. You can have the geography in the image by downloading “Geological Landforms”, a mod with such regions.

5. Rimworld Building Designs: A Transhumanist Future

When humanity made the world uninhabitable due to high technology, a group of people decided to settle on another planet. With the high technology they took with them, they started to pierce the mountains and create wonderful living spaces. Here we are with the visual of exactly such a scenario.

The colony, which includes power reactors for energy, automatic defense systems, robotic technology rooms, religious center, as well as indoor and outdoor agricultural areas, reflects the vision of a developed future. If you want to bring life to one of the last milestones in humanity’s search for existence in the universe, take a careful look at the base design.

rimworld best base layout
rimworld best base layout

A user on Reddit managed to survive for 25 years with a base that resembles this technology center. By the way, this colony, which is ranked 5th in our Rimworld base design list, is in 100% natural defense against external attacks.

6. Rimworld Base Layout ideas: China Wall!

Cannibals, professional armies, pirates and deadly mobs can attack your base at any time and kill your entire colony. It is useful to be prepared at any time, as you do not know when it will happen. Especially those who do not want to live in the mountains and want to set up a base in the open area are usually in trouble with security.

Now comes the largest colony among the Rimworld base layouts. Security is at the forefront in the colonial design, which is inside the gigantic walls with its appearance similar to the Great Wall of China.

rimworld best base design

The first walls are made of 100% steel. There are several armed defense lines on those first walls. Then comes the main center, where the colonists lived and where the important rooms were located. This main center is surrounded by 3 different walls. Inside are various colonial bedrooms, hospitals, prisons, warehouses, waste center and laboratories.

rimworld best base design 2

In addition, in this Rimworld base layout design, fields and electricity generating windmills are installed behind the first wall. Although it is risky, the outer steel wall increases security. However, our recommendation would be to move the energy production indoors.

7. Rimworld Base Design: Among the Stars

How about a design that is functionally inadequate but visually appealing to your eyes? Undoubtedly, this design, which will take place in the first place among the Rimworld best base layout, looks just like a clover.

rimworld safe base 1

The interiors of the design include energy centers, production areas, personal colony rooms, storage and various inland farming zones. Frankly, when you first look at this design, you may think that it is empty. But when you look closely, you realize how full it is.

rimworld safe base design 2

However, we have to admit that it is almost impossible to create such complex structures at first when building the Rimworld base layout. Especially if you are a newbie to the game, your entire colony will probably die before you finish this design. For this reason, we recommend experienced players to build this base only.

8. Rimworld Best Base Layout: The Resurgence of Humanity

On a planet where a handful of people descended after the collapse of humanity, life must sprout again. In order to save the future of the human race, we have decided to present you some very simple Rimworld base designs.

Rimworld Base Layout
Rimworld Base Layout

In this design, which consists of only certain rooms suitable for living, energy production and safety are at the forefront. Behind the double-wrapped steel walls are open-roofed solar panels. At the same time, the region where the colonists live is the most central point of the entire colony. In this way, when a raid occurs, the colonists can hide in high security. Enemies that come to attack while the colonists are hiding will be killed by turrets that perform a fully automatic attack.

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