The Crew 3 Motorfest coming this year, Ubisoft confirms

The Crew 3 Motorfest

After a lot of cancellations and talks about restructuring, it seems that Ubisoft is also ready to announce some games that will see the light of day too. The Crew 3 Motorfest is one of them, and reports are suggesting that the game will come this year, with Ubisoft confirming that themselves. The Crew 2 has been a sleeper hit and it managed to get no less than 5 years of updates until this point, which is amazing.

However, Ubisoft realized that it was time to move on, and the new game is set to bring in quite an interesting approach. The Crew 3 will take place in Hawaii and it will actually end up bringing in a lot of new types of races. It’s also stated that the game will be more akin to the Forza Horizon series than before, which is quite interesting.

The Crew 3 Motorfest

The Crew Motorfest, as it’s called, will offer us even more content on a realistic 1:1 Hawaiian island recreation, which is quite an achievement. The game is incredibly appealing and interesting for those that want to enjoy driving and engaging moments but at the same time it’s also set to be more of its own little innovator with some creative, new ideas being added.

The Crew 3 Motorfest 1

Since The Crew 2 was quite innovative on its own and managed to add a lot of cool features, it’s safe to say that The Crew 3 Motorfest is going to update that and take it to the next level. Ubisoft says that the game has a new engine when compared to the previous version. And while the game itself started as an expansion for The Crew 2, it quickly ended up becoming more and more complex. This is great because the series has been quite successful for Ubisoft thus far.

A lot of people anticipated that a new The Crew game would be off the table. However, it seems that The Crew 3 Motorfest has been in development for a very long time, some say even around the time the pandemic started or earlier. It’s great because The Crew 2 has been quite the fan favorite for a lot of people and in recent years it even managed to regain a lot of players, especially with its battle pass system. Which, obviously, we are expecting to see in the new game as well, when it will arrive later this year!

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