Starfield Release Date Finally Announced

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Starfield is one of the most highly anticipated games for 2023, and it continues to draw in a lot of attention as we get closer to release. The game had a release window for the second quarter of 2023, however now we have a specific release date, and also a delay.

Starfield Release Date

In the meantime, check out another new Sci-Fi-themed game. “Scars Above” which was released on 7 March on all consoles and PC.

Starfield Release Date

The current Starfield release date is September 6th 2023, with a Starfield Direct coming in on June 11th. According to Todd Howard, the game needs some extra polish, but it’s amazing to see that the game is closer to its final release. The teams are hard at polishing the game and adding in some extra touches. What’s also interesting is that the Direct in June will offer a lot of content related to the game and what it can bring to the table aside from what was shown.

It seems there are a lot of things that the dev team wants to show, and there’s definitely some incredible gameplay ideas being brought to the table for newcomers and veteran players alike. The idea of adding in new content and showing it to audiences is a great one, and it just manages to spruce up the excitement players already have for the game.

Having 1000 planets that you can explore at your own pace is amazing and it just shows the uniqueness of the game. While No Man’s Sky brought us similar gameplay to this, the idea of having a fully fledged story and more RPG focused mechanics is great and it definitely adds to the great appeal of the game. What we saw of Starfield made us excited and it definitely shows the amazing potential of this title. It’s definitely one of those titles that a lot of people want to play, just because it’s a very refreshing experience.

With that in mind, we have under 5 months until we will get to see the game in all of its glory. That is, unless Starfield ends up delayed again. It’s hard to know when these games will launch, especially one that’s as complex as Starfield. But at the end of the day, it’s amazing to see that Bethesda is working really hard to bring in great ideas and they are offering us an entirely new game filled with exceptional potential. That’s why we highly recommend checking it out when it eventually comes out at the beginning of September.

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