New Rust Industrial Update Just Released 2023


Rust plays a major role in people’s minds when we are talking about survival games. And it’s easy to see why, because it’s one of the first major survival games that entered the market. Yet the cool thing is that even today, you end up having new updates coming periodically. With Facepunch Studios realising a new Rust Industrial update with even more content for people to check out and enjoy.

Rust Industrial update

What is the Rust Industrial update about? The idea here is that it adds new avenues for automation, something that many of the old players have been requesting for a very long time. But how does this work? There are new tools implemented here, like the pipe tool, industrial conveyor, storage adapter and many others.

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The main focus here is to make it easy for players to try and move items around the base automatically. On top of that, you can easily use pipes to connect assets, which is a great idea to keep in mind. But the new stuff doesn’t stop here. The game is also adding a new electric furnace which is working in a similar way to the other furnaces. This one however comes with a smelting rate that’s a little faster, so it might be very appealing for a lot of people.

The Rust developers also learned from players that there’s a CPU bottleneck issue that some of them are dealing with. And while there is no solution during this particular update, they are trying to figure something out for the future, which hopefully will get solved sooner rather than later.

An automation-focused update is exactly what many have been requesting for, and the devs seem to be listening to the community which is great. So we can expect even more updates in the future with new content. Although it does seem that bugfixes are also in the mix too, but only time can tell when the new Rust Industrial update will come out.

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One thing is certain, Rust is becoming even better, and its hardcore gameplay combined with exploration and teamwork continues to bring people back. Yes, it’s not a game for everyone due to its difficulty, but the community has always been very friendly and the developers have around 10 years of constant updates for the game. Which is amazing, and also the reason why the game managed to maintain this longevity!

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