Nintendo Reportedly Talking to Suppliers about its Next-Gen Consoles


The Nintendo Switch is a console that managed to break a lot of records, with millions of units being sold every year. However, we need to realize that the Switch is still a 6-year-old console at this point. While rumors of a new console have been around ever since the 2019 refresh for the Switch, it seems that Nintendo is finally set to bring in a new console to replace the Switch. Yet it won’t arrive this year if rumors are accurate.

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Nintendo Next-Gen Consoles

There are some conversations between Nintendo and suppliers, with the focus being on producing a new console. Apparently, these leaks suggest that if a console arrives, that will be around late 2024, and that’s the earliest. Nintendo is known to release an update to its main console once every 3-4 years, but the Switch will surpass that quite a bit if this release date is legit.

What we need to realize is that the hardware on the Switch has never been improved. Yes, new versions were released, but those were mostly cosmetic versions, and even though the OLED has improvements to the screen and some of the peripherals, but the overall gaming hardware is still the same. Which is why a lot of people were expecting the new Nintendo console to arrive in 2022.

However, we are in 2023 and there’s no new console. Considering the fact that Nintendo executives said they are not going to release any new console soon, we tend to believe this new rumor. But it’s something we have to take with a grain of salt. Then again, the Switch’s existence will come to an end. It’s always been a great console and people have always appreciated it, but at some point, a new console needs to replace it.

It’s hard to know when exactly will that happen, but these rumors seem very accurate. The existence of a new chip named Tegra239 has been confirmed by an Nvidia employee, so there are some signs of new hardware floating around. It’s very difficult to know what the new Nintendo console will include hardware-wise, but we do expect it to focus a lot on portability. As they saw with the Switch, that has been a major hit, and we do expect them to continue on this pattern. It’s interesting to see where the new Nintendo will go when it comes to design and hardware, but it’s certainly something promising!

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