Sonic Frontiers Director confirms that more 2D Sonic games are on their way

Sonic 2D Games

2D Sonic Games Set To Continue

According to the Sonic Frontiers lead director Morio Kishimoto, it seems that we won’t have to deal only with 3D Sonic games in the future. Frontiers was just an exception, and not the norm going forward. In fact, we will start getting more and more 2D Sonic games, which will definitely appeal to a lot of the hardcore Sonic audience. While people love the 3D approach that we had in some of the latest Sonic games, the reality is that people still want the 2D ones back.

The director was asked on Twitter if we can expect more 2D Sonic games or if the games will just be 3D from now on. The answer is that we will continue getting 3D Sonic games, but at the same time the Sonic team is also working on 2D titles. This is certainly going to make a lot of players happy, since there were plenty of people craving for more amazing 2D sonic titles.

It’s definitely important to note that Sonic games have been rather successful as of late, especially when it comes to Sonic Frontiers which is critically acclaimed and beloved by most players. So while we appreciate the decision to do more 2D games, we also expected them to continue solely on the 3D route.

However, this decision is great for everyone, and for a very good reason. Just like any fandom, these fans do have their own preference. Not everyone is going to like 3D Sonic games, even if they are very well made. There are still plenty of retro Sonic fans, so having 2D games in the series will also come in handy. Apparently Sonic Frontiers sold close to 3 million copies, and it was a success for them.

Not only that, but it seems that there was a Sonic Origins Plus rating provided in South Korea, which means a new game is already in the pipeline for Sonic fans. Whether it’s a 2D or 3D game, that’s hard to say, but clearly there’s no shortage of Sonic gameplay. Which is why we think that it’s a great time to be a Sonic fan, because there are so many good games to play in the series. And we will also get more and more of them soon, which is super exciting and enjoyable. Be on the lookout for more of these 2D Sonic games soon!

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