17 Best Minecraft Spruce House Ideas


In Minecraft, spruce is by far the most common and beautiful wood type. Besides oak wood, spruce is easy to find and farm in large quantities. You only need one spruce sapling to start farming them. With that said, let’s see what you can do with those spruce logs by looking at our best Minecraft spruce house ideas!

Minecraft spruce house

Most of the Minecraft spruce house ideas below will require spruce logs and other wood types and blocks. Spruce wood is excellent on itself already, but it’s always a good idea to combine it with other blocks to create a great house in Minecraft. Especially dark oak, regular oak, and stone blocks.

List of The Best Minecraft Spruce House 2023

The list below contains all types of spruce houses, from a typical cabin in the wood to a whole mansion with many floors and rooms. So without further ado, let’s see the ideas!

1. Cozy Spruce Cabin

Cozy Spruce Cabin

The first idea on the list is a cozy spruce cabin in the middle of the Taiga biome.

With a small yet attractive intersecting roof made from deepslates and spruce stairs, you’ll have a warm shelter when it’s raining outside. In addition, the house is mainly made from spruce logs with a few oak trapdoors to create diversity.

A little garden on both sides to grow berries and the side-way farm surrounded by spruce fences are excellent food sources to keep you alive.

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2. Aesthetic Spruce Cabin

Spruce Cabin

Still in the taiga biome, but if you don’t like being surrounded by the forest, let’s build this spruce cabin right outside of the woodland edge!

The whole cabin is based on a giant A-shape tent. With this design, you need to dig underground to find some stones, cobblestones, and andesites. Moreover, some dark oak logs are needed for the main rafter on the top. And to have a lovely cooking place without smoking everything up, you can put a stone chimney right on top of your roof.

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3. Simple Spruce Starter House

Simple Spruce Starter House

Next, we have a two-story spruce starter house located in the middle of the spruce wood.

You will have a small basement for storage and cooking purposes. On the side is a small farming place and a cattle pen to raise some cows and pigs. The second floor is your main living area, which will contain a bedroom and more chests to store your valuable items. Plus, don’t forget the chimney!

To prevent hostile mobs from sneaking into you, it’s recommended to chop down some trees around your house for a better view.

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4. Double-Cube Spruce House

Double Cube Spruce House

Here comes an interesting Minecraft spruce house design for you!

While you can always stack all the floors up together, it takes a lot of time to travel back and forth. And that’s why we separate your spruce house into cubes even though it takes more space. On the left is your working room, where you can put all of your smithing, crafting, and smelting stuff together. And on the right is your personal space, which you can decorate to your own needs.

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5. Spruce Taiga House

Spruce Taiga House

So you want to have a separate storage room without leaving your house? This design could help!

With a sizeable integrated room right next to your main two-story house, you can quickly store all your items after a long mining trip or grab everything you need for a fight. Not to mention that you can see through the building with the glass windows on the wall.

With only some spruce logs, slabs, and trapdoors, this spruce design is achievable for newcomers.

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6. Symmetrical Survival Spruce House

Symmetrical Survival Spruce House

Next, we have a large symmetrical spruce house. But don’t panic! Since it’s symmetrical, you can easily replicate the other half by completing the first half.

The house contains four main rooms and a small hallway on each floor. So it’s suitable if you’re living with your friends. The house is made from stripped spruce logs with some stairs and trapdoors in the windows. Then finish it off with a distinct cobblestone trim on the roof and the base of the second floor.

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7. Two-Player Spruce Mansion

Two Player Spruce Mansion

So you already have a lot of materials and don’t want a basic spruce house anymore? We’ve got you covered with this detailed two-story mansion!

First of all, the design has an expansive balcony that serves as a great place to observe the surrounding area. We have a glass fence to protect you from falling down and a lot of supportive pillars made from stone bricks and spruce fences.

Notice how Reimiho uses stone buttons, oak trapdoors, and campfires to decorate the windows? All the details in this spruce house design fit so well together to create the perfect idea for you!

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8. Spruce Large Farmhouse

Spruce Large Farmhouse

Black, brown, and white is the ultimate color combination for anyone who loves building in Minecraft. And this large farmhouse can show you that!

By using spruce as a trim of the house, then filling the wall up with either cobblestones, stones, andesites, calcites, or polished diorites, you’ll have a lovely yet attractive building to show off with your friends. And don’t forget the dark colors come from the dark oak wood, deepslates, and blackstones.

The house consists of many rooms, including the storage on the roof, the enchanting room on the second floor, and even a cool-looking stable right beside your main house.

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9. Medieval House

Medieval House

Everyone loves medieval buildings, and it will be a huge mistake not to cover this medieval spruce house.

With an old structure like a medieval sawmill, Nanaroid upgrades the building further with a watch tower, which creates more depth and security for the house. It also has a log pile with a stonecutter, a dog’s pence, and a stable for whenever you need to travel far away.

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10. Spruce House

Spruce House

Next, we have a vibrant spruce house in the middle of the forest yet again. But this time, the design is bigger and relatively safer because all the lighting comes from the hanging lanterns.

With spacious areas and a lot of available rooms, you can freely decorate in your manner. The outside area is also well-decorated with a fortified cobblestone fence, a stable, and a bridge across a lovely pond. This is a great place to live, especially with your friends!

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11. Double-Size Spruce Starter House

Double Size Spruce Starter House

This is by far the cutest spruce house on the list!

While the building’s name is all about spruce, you only use spruce for the roof in this build. The wall is built with oak planks and stripped oak logs, and the roof’s dark trim comes from the deepslate blocks.

By using the correct Minecraft shader (BSL), the whole structure looks even better with the aesthetic lighting, the waving leaves, and the flowers. All together creates such a good vibe.

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12. Stripped Spruce House

Stripped Spruce House

By this time, you should know that spruce wood and deepslates fit so well together. And that’s why this idea (and others below) will continue using the same block combination.

This spruce house design idea is relatively small and easy to build in the early stage of the game. You can’t fit everything in this house, but you should be able to build a comfortable bed, some storage chests, and some furnaces for food-cooking purposes. So let’s get started and collect the materials!

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13. Ultimate Spruce Mansion

Ultimate Spruce Mansion

If you want something unique for your base, let’s try this spruce mansion idea!

The mansion’s foundation is made from cracked stone bricks, stone bricks, and dead coral blocks, which creates a unique texture for the whole building. The foundation alone highlights the entire mansion already.

On the second floor, we have two detailed big rooms with a spacious balcony. By combining different wooden blocks, you will have a noisy texture to make this mansion stand out even more.

On the rooftop, we have a vast space. This could be a potentially enchanting room as well as some hidden treasure vault. Also, do you see how Folli uses deepslate tiles stairs for the roof? Everything looks so lovely in this build!

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14. Spruce Winter Cabin

Spruce Winter Cabin

It’s weird that a tiny cabin like this could rank this high on the list. Not because of the size but because we pick the build by its complexity and how well it looks, especially if it fit perfectly into the surrounding environment.

With that being said, the entire cabin is made from spruce wood, which can be obtained quite easily if you’re living in the taiga biome. And to pay attention to details, you can see Balzy also places some snow layers on top of the cabin, indicating that the building is actually there and is affected by the environment. How cool is that?

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15. Big Spruce House

Big Spruce House

Here’s yet again another cool Minecraft spruce house on the list!

With snow falling all over the place, it makes sense to place snow layers on the roof and some parts of the building. Also, the building is enormous and uses three different types of wood, including oak, spruce, and dark oak.

The whole structure is somewhat based on medieval houses, where the foundation is short and tiny. The basement is a great place to build your storage room or a wine cellar. While the second floor slowly expands outward and is covered by a vast roof. With this design, you’ll have a lot of space to work within your attic.

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16. Cute Spruce House

Cute Spruce House

With a few resources left in your inventory, this cute Minecraft spruce house is an excellent idea for your next build!

As usual, we have deepslates, blackstones, and spruce stairs on the roof. The main wall is made from oak planks, while the main gate is created with some spruce trapdoors and leaves. To make the building more sufficient to live in, you can have a small farm right below your house to grow crops like wheat, carrots, or potatoes.

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17. Large Spruce Mansion

Large Spruce Mansion

The final Minecraft spruce house on the list is an impressive mansion with a symmetrical shape.

Besides the oak trapdoors, campfires, and oak fences, every single wall of this mansion is made from stripped spruce logs. The house has six main big rooms with two corridors and an attic on top. With this house, you can have every single room you will ever need in Minecraft, including a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a storage room, a farm room, and more!

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So that’s all Minecraft spruce house ideas for today.

We hope you enjoy the list and get inspired to build your first spruce house in Minecraft. Happy building, miners and crafters!

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