7 Cute Minecraft Dog House Ideas


We are all too familiar with cute dogs in the real world, and fortunately, they have appeared in Minecraft. Since then, dog houses have become extremely necessary. Today, we will introduce to you indispensable designs for animal lovers – beautiful Minecraft dog house ideas.

Minecraft Dog House

Minecraft dog house is not simply a shelter for pet dogs but also extremely beautiful architectural works, proof of players’ creativity. Not only that, they are also easy to combine with your other epic houses, such as Jungle House, all of which will give you a perfect architectural ensemble.

7 Cute Minecraft Dog House Ideas

Our list always includes ideas from simple to complex, from the basic to the mansion design, that make a variety of choices. What you need to do now is to collect materials such as wood and concrete to build the Minecraft dog houses ideas below!

1. Dog House With Big Bone

Dog House With Big Bone

Although it is just a small house for a pet dog, this idea can perfectly is a nice decorattion into your home.

For the wall, you can use variations of smooth quartz blocks, but if you feel its white color is too dull and boring, do combine with the brown color of spruce trapdoor, you will get results beyond expect it. When looking at this idea, the thing that attracts you most is definitely the giant white bone of smooth quartz lying above the house, so cute isn’t it? And last but certainly least, don’t forget to order food and water for the dog!

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2. Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog House

Are you a dog lover? Have you got a wide space for your dog to play comfortably? So what are you waiting for without consulting this great idea to build a large wooden Minecraft dog house for your pet.

You can choose the wood you have collected to create a house with your own character. Within this idea, we propose combining two types of wood, birch and spruce, which will create an eye-catching color contrast. The stripped birch log walls may seem boring, but thanks to the glass windows, the house becomes beautiful and brings natural light inside. In addition, a large space is suitable for building a patio, do not miss this to decorate your dog house.

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3. Double Dog House

Double Dog House

Do you have two dogs, and they don’t seem to like being together? And still don’t know how to solve this difficulty issue? Don’t worry, this double dog house is all you need!

You can see these two rooms of idea have similar appearance, they use birch variations to build walls, and if you like red roofs, consider using brick blocks. Although they do not share the same house, they will play in the same spacious yard, protected by birch fences, ensuring that they are not killed by dangerous mobs. Moreover, you can put a few more chests, which can both store dog food and have a great decorative effect.

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4. Unique Dog House

Unique Dog House

Do not rush to ignore this idea if you want full of sunlight into your Minecraft dog house. It’s really unique house because it just has 3 walls.

As you can see, this oak house has no walls on the front and main door. We suggest that you should build it in the direction of the rising sun, so that the sunlight can warm and wake up the dogs sleeping on the red carpet. A dog house’s familiar detail is the large yard in front of the house for dogs to run, jump and chase comfortably. Alternatively, decorating your dog house with lanterns, item frames, and acacia fences would be beautiful.

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5. Large Dog House

Large Dog House

Owning the dogs is a wonderful thing Minecraft creates, but taking care of them in a house shaped like a dog is even better.

As you can see, this Minecraft dog house uses mainly of concrete with different colors such as red, white and black, you are also completely customizable according to your taste. The window is designed in the eyes of the dog, allowing the view of the surrounding landscape, and this idea also fits very well with the house’s overall appearance.

The author designs a unique way to enter the house: A combination of sticky putton and slime block. Just stand on them, click on the level block, you will enter the house immediately. We believe you can fly!

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6. Modern Dog House

Modern Dog House

As soon as you see this Minecraft dog house, you will want to own it immediately because its modern design and countless facilities can conquer any hard player. This is really the best idea we recommend for you.

The house is mainly white with quartz blocks, you can also consider choosing other white materials if you want. The combination with lime wood walls and a layer of black carpet on the roof will be a smart move to make the house look more actractive. Looking inside through the blue stained glass windows, you will see a spacious space where you can design each room with different functions for your pet.

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7. Luxury Dog House

Luxury Dog House

In contrast to the rustic wooden dog houses, the appearance of this luxury dog house has attracted a lot of Minecrafter’s attention .

Quartz variations are always the first choice to build this building because of its eye-catching white color. We suggest you to use glowstone, its color and glow really suit this luxurious construction. The second floor will be your dog’s main residence, rest assured that with the protection of the light blue stained glass pane balcony, they will be extremely safe.

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It’s no surprise that the dog house is one of the most loved buildings in the Minecraft community. It is not only simple, easy to build but also extremely essential for those who want to own the cute dogs in their Minecraft world. Let our 7 Minecraft dog house ideas help you boost your creativity!

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