7 Comfortable Minecraft Bed Ideas

Make your in-game nights a comfortable and stylish affair!


In Minecraft, the bed is one of the most charming aspect, which serves as a spawn point and the way to advance player’s progress through the game. Many players enjoy creating unique bed designs that reflect their style and interests.

In this article, let’s take a look at the best 7 Minecraft bed ideas!

Minecraft Bed Ideas

If you want a mesmerizing house to place your bed in, check out these awesome Minecraft spruce houses.

7 Comfortable Minecraft Bed Ideas

The bed in Minecraft is just a small detail, but it is unique, contributing to the attraction of the Minecraft house. Building a bed, like other elements, necessitates the use of materials such as oak, spruce, stone, or quartz. So, before we get into these Minecraft bed ideas, let’s spend some time gathering resources!

1. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

Let’s kick of the list with a one-of-a-kind bed design: Canopy bed!

Located in the middle of the large room, this white bed is simple but extremely luxurious. Oak wood brings a characteristic rusticity, immersed in nature into this Minecraft bed idea. Above the bed is a porch, with white carpets, creating harmony with the main white tone. There are also end rods, a type of block that creates a subtle light, and is considered one of the most beautiful decorative blocks in Minecraft.

The oak wooden pillars seem quite plain, so consider using a white banner to cover them up.

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2. Aquarium Bed

Aquarium Bed

If you have ever seen the beauty of the sea, you will surely love this idea, because it brings the underwater world into your bedroom.

We have a spacious light gray bed in the center of the design, with the main white color exuding a modern, elegant look. The highlight of this design is a large aquarium, located deep inside the wall. We suggest you use light blue concrete blocks for the aquarium’s wall to make it more like the sea’s color.

Next to the bedhead are two spruce wooden chairs, which are in a convenient position, and provide more options to enjoy the aquarium. With the presence of fish as well as aquatic plants, this idea brings a peaceful beauty that other designs can hardly match!

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3. Pet-friendly Bed

Minecraft Pet Friendly Bed

Are you an animal lover and always want your pet dog close to you? Here is a perfect idea to meet your demand!

You can consider using materials such as spruce to frame this idea since it would be a resource sufficient. The most eye-catching detail is definitely the pet’s sleeping area. It has a soft red carpet, a little light from the lantern that will make him feel more secure when it’s dark. Also, don’t forget to put his favorite bone on the item frame for your dog.

Looking up, you will see your bed lying on the mezzanine, put a flower pot with a mangrove sapling to dispel boredom and emptiness, and make the space more full of life.

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4. Modern Bed With Rug

Modern Bed With Rug

Right now, we present to you the best, most beautiful, and most comfortable design idea!

The main point of the design is a spacious, elegant double bed that, although simply designed with gray and white tones, is really modern and delicate. For the bed frame, you can absolutely use variations such as trapdoor, slap,… of spruce wood. This is a popular wood in Minecraft, with a gentle rustic color that is ideal for bed ideas and is also inexpensive.

Look at the dead fire coral fan blocks that surround the bed, it’s like a soft fluffy rug. The colors are subtle but stand out in this idea. Two flower pots placed at the head of the bed will bring the freshness of nature to where you sleep. You can beautify the place by putting some small items on the spuce trapdoor shelf. In addition, a lantern on a shelf not only allows visibility but also makes the space cozier.

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5. Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

Do not rush to ignore this idea if you want to own a compact and cozy bedroom!

We have two beds that are perpendicular to each other, one is located below, the other is upstairs. A combination of dark oak planks for the walls and attic, bring a firm contract and depth effect for the room. The ladder is necessary to get upstair, while a couple of chests allow more storage. Moreover, you can leave some flower pots or a stand armor right next to your bed as decorations.

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6. Bed with Desk

Bed With High Platform And Desk

Without taking up too much space, this design not only gives you a place to rest, but also a workstation!

You can create almost all parts of this idea by using spruce variations such as trapdoors, stairs, etc.. There is a working area with a modern design, including a wooden table and chair set. Thanks to its material, spruce wood, its texture and color create a natural and rustic look that can add character to the whole build.

You can walk safely to go upstairs thanks to the handrail along the stairs, as well as enjoy the comfort of lying on the soft bed. If you are looking for a design with full amenities, this is an excellent idea that we recommend!

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7. Wooden Bed With Nature

Wooden Bed With Nature

As soon as you see this design, you will want to build it for yourself if you like being closer to nature.

Wood is always the first choice for making frames, and this idea uses variations of spruce as always. The red bed, which is in the wooden blocks, can be made by unlit camfires. In addition, you can also put decorative objects at the head of the bed. A hanging lantern will bring you light, while vines and oak leaves are clearly a game-changer in the design.

This idea is really an ideal getaway that we have for you. And if you love natural building, check out those best Minecraft garden design ideas!

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Building a Minecraft bed will absolutely a fun and creative project for new players. With a variety of materials and endless design options, Minecrafters can customize their structures that suit their preferences.

By incorporating our 7 awesome Minecraft bed ideas into your world, we believe that building a bed will no longer be a challenge. So gather your materials, grab your tools, and start building your Minecraft bed now!

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