7 Fascinating Mine Entrance Minecraft Ideas


Minecraft is undoubtedly an ideal place to unleash your creativity and build anything you can imagine. One of the game’s most exciting aspects is the ability to create and design custom builds, including mine entrances – the object that can set the tone for your entire mining operation and be a source of pride.

Mine Entrance Minecraft

In Minecraft, the mine entrance refers to the entrance to an underground mining area. This entrance is typically used to access mine shafts, caves, and underground resources. Having said that, the mine entrance Minecraft allows players to showcase their creativity and build skills. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of seven fascinating mine entrances in Minecraft.

7 Fascinating Mine Entrance Minecraft Ideas

There are millions ways to build a mine entrance in Minecraft, accompanied by a large combination of resources. Wooden materials are obtainable, as they also bring a fresh touch to the design. Metal resources are highly decorative and create the intricate designs and patterns. We’d recommend collecting as many as possible, then diving deep into our list below!

1. Starter Mountain Mine Entrance

Starter Mountain Mine Entrance

If you are just a newbie and need a reliable house, this starter mountain mine entrance Minecraft will be first on your bucket list!

Located on the side of the mountain, the entrance has a massive size and a beautiful look. The design has a cobblestone texture, covered with spruce trapdoors and oak planks. The roof, however, uses deepstale brick slabs, adding depth and color to your build. The roof of the house has three chimneys, two of them are made of cut copper and deepslate, while the last one is small and is made out of stone.

The outside, of course, contains a rail that leads to the underground. You can beautify the entrance by placing a table and a set of chairs, as well as a shelter for dogs and cats, they’ll ensure protection. Lastly, don’t forget to leave some vines around to make the touch as fresh as possible.

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2. Simple Mining Camp

Simple Mining Camp

An excellent mining camp will not only motivate you to mine more, but also be a good place for survival. This mine entrance Minecraft idea will fit them both!

This simple mining camp is a complex area that includes a mine entrance, a mine crane, and a mini storage area. As usual, the build requires variations of spruce, oak, cobblestone, and stone brick. The mine entrance is built underground. It uses stripped oak logs and spruce trapdoor to make the front. On the other hand, the author inserts andesite to close the gap. The railing starts on the right of the building, which allows accessibility. Not to mention that some hanging lanterns are necessary to provide lighting.

The mine crane and mini mine storage area are remarkable decorations, as the mine crane adds an industrial-themed area, while you can store what you mine in the mini storage area. Lastly, we’d recommend adding some TNT blocks outside to create the appearance of danger for the mine.

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3. Small Mining Entrance

Small Mining Entrance

Next up is our small and easy-to-build mine entrance Minecraft idea!

This mining entrance has a front look that contains two layers: the first, smaller one is the actual entrance, which is made of spruce wood and cobblestone. The front door is so tiny that you may consider making it more prominent. The larger layer has the shape of the gate, it contains spruce wood, oak planks, and trapdoors as resources. The roof, the design’s focal point, is gambrel style, which is relatively easy to build for Minecrafters, even with limited experience, and adds a unique aesthetic to the mine entrance.

The outside area is full of life thanks to various flowers and bushes. They can be arranged in flower beds or scattered around the entrance to create a natural and welcoming view. Moreover, hanging lanterns are indispensable to ensure visibility. We have chests outside to provide convenient storage space for tools and materials. The combination of them makes the design’s exterior pleasing and functional.

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4. Mine Hut

Mine Hut

A short and simple design for a sloping mine shaft, this build will be the first that comes to mind!

The initial impression of the design is its location: the entrance is built in a flat, massive area instead of on the side of a mountain or near a cave. In fact, the center of the entrance is the way to the mine, which contains cobblestone stairs that lead to the depth. The foundation and the mine entrance’s pillars use the same materials: spruce logs and mossy cobblestone. On the other hand, the roof is made of spruce slabs, bringing the brighter and natural look.

Since the inside is used for accessibility, there’s no room for decorations but some chests. The outside, however, allows us more options. You can place armor stands symmetrically on top of the design. In addition, a bunch of vines or oak leaves make the design as aesthetic as possible.

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5. Survival Mine Entrance

Survival Mine Entrance

Want a build that makes your area look more degerous yet exciting? This mine entrance Minecraft is the one that you shouldn’t miss!

Despite being located at the back of the mountain, the design still draws attention due to its outstanding front appearance, which combines dark oak logs, spruce slabs, and stone as resources. If you are the type of person who wants to show off your creativity, we’d recommend making it as big as possible! The rail and mine cart are placed near the entrance, allowing another way to get underground besides using the main entrance. Torches and lanterns provide lighting for the design, while TNT blocks, barrels, and a stonecutter help indicating the construction site.

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6. Rustic Mine Entrance

Rustic Mine Entrance

Discover the hidden riches of the earth with the rugged and inviting entrance to the rustic mine!

The frame of the design is made of oak logs, as usual. In contrast, the rest uses a combination of cobblestone, andesite and stone to reinforce the build and ensure the thickness. In fact, you can chaotically mix them to create a random and unique pattern. Some flowers and construction symbols, such as rails and oak blocks, also enhance the exterior. Finally, add some lanterns around to brighten up the whole build.

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7. Ultimate Medieval Mine Entrance

Ultimate Medieval Mine Entrance

Our last suggestion is a medieval mine entrance Minecraft that you should put in your world!

To construct the entrance, you need wooden and metal resources, such as stone brick walls, spruce slabs, stairs, andesite, and cobblestone walls. While the wooden pillars are attractive and rustic, cobblestone and andesite add visual interest to the build. Once the entrance is finished, fill the rest of the building with the same materials. Note that just as the ceiling inside is better built with cobblestone or stone bricks to match the exact color of the mine, so is the wall.

If you build the front entrance as charmingly as we suggest, you won’t have to waste time on the exterior. But we’d recommend adding bushes or oak leaves to get the most out of it.

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With some imagination and effort, you can create a mine entrance that is both practical and visually appealing, especially when you use our list as suggestions. The mine entrance Minecraft is absolutely an opportunity to showcase your style. So embrace your inner architect and make your legacy an impressive and memorable part of your Minecraft world!

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