Microsoft Signs 10-Year Deal to Bring Call of Duty to Nintendo

Microsoft signs call of duty deal

Call of Duty To Nintendo Platforms

While the Activision purchase worth $70 billion still has a few hops to go, the truth is that Microsoft is working hard towards making that a reality. They are trying to show this deal is a great one for gaming, and it won’t lead to exclusivity. In trying to show that, Microsoft has just signed a 10-year deal in order to bring Call of Duty games to Nintendo platforms.

What’s important to note is that they state Nintendo platforms, not just the Switch. So this deal will continue on the Switch predecessor and even beyond that. The contract is now signed, and they are committed to bringing Call of Duty to other platforms after the deal goes through. It’s very important to take that into account, and that’s a clear sign they want this deal to go through as fast as possible.

Even if the deal has faced quite a lot of resistance in Europe and North America, the truth is that Microsoft is doing everything that they can in order to make it go through. They are very interested in acquiring not only the current IPs but also those that are dormant and not really used by Activision in any way. Let’s face it, Activision has acquired many companies over the years on its own, and some of the IPs are dormant right now. This deal might help bring those to life and it really shows a very interesting concept that you do not want to miss.

Microsoft also stated that they are not removing Call of Duty from PlayStation, they will continue to ship it to PlayStation, as long as they create a console. It’s easy to see why, the IP itself is a best seller and yes, there are a ton of PlayStation players that buy the console just for COD and a few other games.

With that in mind, Microsoft most likely thinks this deal will bring them one step closer to getting the Activision deal closed once and for all. It’s over a year since this deal has been under scrutiny, and some expect things to last for at least a few more months if not half a year. It’s a very complex deal, one of the most expensive deals ever made, so it will surely take time until we see it finalized. Which we think it will, but no one knows what concessions Microsoft needs to make here!

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