Marvel’s Wolverine set to launch fall 2024


Insomniac Games is widely known for the fact that they are constantly bringing in cult hit games, with the Spider-Man games being a prime example. And while Spider-Man 2 is coming in late this year, apparently the Wolverine title they are developing is not so far behind. What’s great is that the game is actually adding in an entirely new story, with some ideas being acquired from other Wolverine stories as well. The cool aspect here is that the game is set to arrive towards the end of 2024.

Marvel's Wolverine

Of course, that’s only a relative date, and the devs said that it might even go early 2025 depending on how the process goes. With that being said, they did specify that they want to add some cutting-edge gameplay and they are working on something very special, certainly different to all the other games that you can play right now. Which is great, because we all know that Insomniac are very talented and they are great at creating superhero games.

So if they say that their approach is unique and it’s never been done before, that sounds amazing and also very exciting. Which is why we think it’s a very good idea to prepare ourselves for this new iteration of Wolverine, as it might very well be one of the best.

Marvels Wolverine

There were other Wolverine games over the years, but they weren’t really a cult hit. The latest one was in 2009 and while it had gore, dismemberment, and Wolverine damage, it wasn’t exactly the cult classic that many people wanted. And that’s the thing, Wolverine is one of those characters that you have a lot to work with, and there are plenty of stories to tell.

While there are no specifics regarding the story, we do think that Wolverine has a lot to offer and it’s definitely going to bring in plenty of twists and turns. It’s also important to note that Hugh Jackman will not voice the role, even if a lot of people expected him to do it. Another aspect is that the game might go the R rating route, even if they are aiming for an M rating to generate more sales.

The rating is not known, but the promise of bringing in a lot of exciting gameplay ideas and a powerful sense of immersion is what really sets the game apart. In the end, we are excited to see how Marvel’s Wolverine will continue on the Insomniac superhero gameplay, while also wondering how they can top themselves from the Spider-Man series!

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