Marvel Snap PVP Battle Mode has Landed


Marvel Snap PVP

Marvel Snap has been one of those sleeper hits in the gaming world and a lot of people are excited to see what the game can bring to the table in the future. Aside from its monthly battle pass, the game is constantly getting new updates and fixes. However, a very interesting update just landed, and that is the Marvel Snap PVP battle mode.

Simply put, people like the idea of playing with strangers, but they also wanted to find a way to play against their friends. Up until the latest patch, you were not able to do that. However, now the Marvel Snap PVP mode is active and if you want to take on your friends, you will be able to do that.

How does this work? The Battle Mode (that’s what they call it) will require you to share a code with friends so you can start matches. Then both players have 10 bars of health. The player whose health is fully removed gets eliminated. What’s cool is that if you snap, you are doing double damage. But again, this can also be very bad for you if you snap and end up losing.

The PVP mode is quite interesting because it allows players to play against friends and test their skills. Which is cool, because it helps add an amazing experience and enjoyable results. The game is very engaging already, and with the Battle Mode, it will become even better.

But maybe the most interesting thing aside from PVP is that this patch is the Series Drop. A few series 5 cards drop to Series 4, and some from Series 4 go to Series 3. Needless to say, it will become a lot easier to access the cards you want, since they will be cheaper in the token shop. And even then, the chances of getting these cards without spending tokens are a bit higher. The devs will also add a First Edition badge, so you can see what players had these things before they were dropping in rank. Also, Galactus and Thanos are not dropping ranks, due to their importance.

One thing is certain, Marvel Snap is adding in a lot of great, creative content for players and these new updates are very interesting. We are also looking forward to the Quantummania battle pass in February which is their next update.

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