Magecap Valheim – The Ultimate Blue Mushroom Guide 2023


If you want to wield magic in Valhiem you need to know how to replenish your Eitr meter. This can be achieved by using one of the brand new resources Magecaps.

Magecap Valheim
Valheim Magecaps

In this guide on Magecap Valheim we will explain the many uses of this new mushroom & how to successfully grow it in the Mistlands.

What Are Magecaps In Valheim?

The Magecap is a new glowing blue mushroom found throughout the Mistlands in Valheim. They are part of the new magic system recently introduced in Valheim & will help to boost up your Eitr metre. They can be eaten directly for minimal gains of 25 Health, 25 Stamina, and 25 Eitr or used to craft certain dishes & meads like the Minor Eitr Mead, Seeker Aspic & the Uncooked Stuffed Mushroom.

Where Can You Find Magecaps?

You can find Magecaps growing all throughout the Mistlands biome, growing wildly in various places. Like other plants, they will appear randomly in different areas but typically grow in little bunches.

How Do You Grow Magecaps In Valheim?

Once you have acquired a few Magecaps it’s time to start thinking about replanting them. To do this you’ll need to find some grass & cultivate the area as you can only replant Magecaps in cultivated soil.

rsz mistlands valheim 1
Valheim Mistlands

When planting the Magecaps pay attention to the on-screen message about the space required between each one, if you see a “needs more room to grow” message simply replant it slightly further away. Each one needs about 1.5m of space to successfully grow. Once grown (after 2 in-game days) for each Magecap planted you will acquire 3 Magecaps back.

Note: Mage caps can only be found & grown inside the Mistlands biome.

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Protecting Your Magecaps

The Mistlands can be a dangerous area for growing crops with the fast & powerful cockroach like Seekers & Gjall’s looking to wipe out your harvest. The gigantic fire breathing Gjall’s can especially be dangerous to your harvest as they float around occasionally spawning its tick minions.

Avoiding these is a good idea for peaceful farming & to achieve this you can add a bit more protection to your growing areas by building a wall around them to keep out the seekers. Unfortunately this wont do much good against the Gjall’s flying over them, & with the new mushrooms needing direct light to grow enclosing your farming area inside a building isn’t a option.

Magecap Valheim 1
Mage Cap Valhiem

To improve your chances further it’s best to try to grow on the edges of the Mistlands, ideally somewhere that borders the plains or black forest. Another option is around the islands towards the edges of the Mistlands biome were fewer seekers & Gjalls seem to appear.

Note: Your Magecaps & other crops are only under threat while growing, once fully grown they are no longer targeted.

Magecap Valheim Dishes & Meads

The tables below show what ingredients are required to create each recipe, the health, stamina & Eitr gains once consumed, along with how long the effects will last.

Seeker Aspic x 2

(Level 4 cauldron required)

Ingredients NeededHealthStaminaEitrDurationHealing
2 x Seeker Meat
2 x Magecap
2 x Royal Jelly

Uncooked Stuffed Mushroom x1

(Level 5 cauldron required)

Ingredients NeededHealthStaminaEitrDurationHealing
1 x Blood Clot
3 x Magecap
1 x Turnip

Minor Eitr Mead

Ingredients NeededEitr
10 x Honey
5 x Sap
5 x Magecap
2 x Jotun Puffs
125 over time

Key Takeaways

  • Mage caps can only be found in the Mistlands biome.
  • They can only be grown in the Mistlands biome.
  • They will only be attacked while growing.
  • Are the only food available that increases the player’s Eitr when consumed.


With a little careful planning & plenty of farming, you should now be fully equipped to tackle the Mistlands, dishing out plenty of magical damage with your full Eitr bar through crafting & producing plenty of Magecap Valheim recipes.

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