Hammer Of Virtue Coop & Deathmatch Trailer

Hammer smashing fun!


Hammer of Virtue is an upcoming hammer-smashing action game with fully destructible levels, created by No Pest Productions, an Indie game studio based in Sweden whose previous titles include A Bastard’s Tale & Driven Out.

Hammer of Virtue Coop & Deathmatch Trailer

Hammer of Virtue Coop & Deathmatch Trailer

The new trailer reveals that on release the game will have 10 unique split-screen co-op levels & 2 deathmatch variations, First Kill Wins & Scored Match.

In Hammer of Virtue, you are to use your hammer for combat, smashing the environment around you to launch debris toward your enemy, creating emergent and chaotic gameplay interactions in this wild adventure.

The game is set to launch with over 20 levels & be purely skill-based combat with no loot or character progression.

Hammer Of Virtue 1

Game Background

Hammer of Virtue is based around a small group of terrorists called Scientific Freedom. These terrorists have been setting up force fields around the planet. To counter this threat The Unified Realm assign you a hammer and some indestructible armor & task you with using your combat skills to face off with various animals and robots that are controlled by the evil scientists.

Hammer of Virtue Release Date

There is no official release date yet for Hammer of Virtue but the game is expected to come out later in 2023. In the meantime, if you fancy some hammer-smashing action while we wait for its official release you can play the Hammer of Virtue demo now available on Steam.

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