Far Cry multiplayer and Far Cry 7 reportedly in development at Ubisoft

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While FarCry 6 was not exactly a cult hit, it was a profitable game and we can expect even more sales once it arrives on Steam. With that in mind, it seems that Ubisoft is already thinking about the future since they are actively working on FarCry 7. What’s interesting here is that Ubisoft Montreal, which helmed the previous entries, is working on 2 different FarCry experiences.

This time around, FarCry 7 will be the main headliner, although we don’t have any idea about the setting. We do expect it to have very similar gameplay just like the other games did, which is important to keep in mind. We can even expect some of the weird expansions that Ubisoft has created for pretty much all the latter FarCry games in the series.

Far Cry Multiplayer In The Works!

The most interesting piece of news is that Ubisoft is also working on a Far Cry multiplayer experience. A pure multiplayer experience in the FarCry setting sounds amazing, and it certainly breaks the mold in ways that would be very hard to expect. Insider Gaming has the scoop on this, and it seems that the game will be an extraction-based shooter.

Far Cry Multiplayer 2

It will have contracts, a backpack system, permadeath, and other similar features. This sounds very similar to Hunt Showdown and Escape of Tarkov, which are obviously very popular. The report also states that there are extraction zones, chests filled with loot, and other interesting things.

The idea of entering a large game world, getting the loot that you can, and heading to the extraction point while dealing with AI and real players is quite interesting. The Dark Zone from Division games has some type of similar ideas, but it’s interesting to see that FarCry will go in that direction. Which is cool, because the series deserves this type of approach, and it certainly has quite a lot of immersive, interesting ideas that will fit this game type very well.

It’s great to see that Ubisoft is trying to innovate with FarCry and break the mold. While it was obvious that we will have a FarCry 7, we didn’t expect a Far Cry multiplayer-only experience that’s way different from what you would normally expect. But that’s what makes the game cool, it allows us to experience FarCry in a new way, and it might be very fun too!

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