Cities: Skylines 2 is Finally Arriving in 2023

Next Generation City Simulation Game "Cities: Skylines 2"


Paradox Interactive held a conference this week, showcasing some of their latest games. And while many were excited about Knights of Pen and Paper 3, the truth is that Cities: Skylines 2 managed to steal the show. Cities: Skylines has been extremely popular ever since its launch, and it brought in a lot of DLC as well. However, players were patiently expecting for an expansion or a new game and Cities: Skylines 2 is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, Starfield, the game Bethesda has been working on for a while, will be released in September 2023. For detailed information, you can check our article.

Cities: Skylines 2 Franchise

The first Cities: Skylines was released in 2015, so having Cities: Skylines 2 in 2023 seems quite a ways off. With that in mind, the game does add a lot of creative and unique ideas for all players. The appealing thing is that we know the grid size, and instead of 5×5, we will have a 9×9 grid size which is amazing in its own right. Moving from 25 to 81 tiles is amazing and you will have access to 150 map tiles. That’s huge and it will allow you to have even larger cities, which is a major plus for a game in this genre.

Cities: Skylines 2 franchise
Cities: Skylines 2 franchise

Another important aspect is that Cities: Skylines 2 will also launch on gamepass, so it will allow a lot of people to just test things out and experiment. Which is cool, since this is a great game and the title itself will certainly provide challenges to players. From the Xbox achievements list we got to see a lot of things, like the addition of hailstorms, rat infestations and many others.

People have been craving for even more challenges and Cities: Skylines certainly seems to add a lot of great, immersive and fun features. Sure, some might be very tricky to pull off, but in the end it’s amazing to see what the game was able to pull off over the years, and having this huge leap is definitely very interesting and immersive.

Right now there’s no release date for Cities: Skylines 2, but we can expect it at some point during the year. That’s still great because it does provide players with a unique array of ideas, which is always fun and immersive to say the least. They also mentioned a lifepath approach, where you can follow citizens as they age. These are all creative, fun and interesting features that truly show the amazing evolution of Cities: Skylines 2!

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