Apex Legends releases a new image to help tease their upcoming Season 16


Apex Legends Season 16 Update

apex legends season 16
apex legends season 16

Apex Legends Mobile is closing soon, however, the desktop/console version of the game is going very strong. The reason is simple, the game receives constant updates and it’s very fair when it comes to balancing. That has allowed a lot of people to continue playing more and more, and now we are close to the new, latest season 16. With that in mind, developer Respawn seems to be hard at work preparing the new season, with a recent image teasing the season posted on Twitter.

So, what is this new picture about? The picture itself features a carnival theme, which feels quite weird since the game never had something like this. We don’t know if this is the theme of the season or if it will be just an event during the new season. However, the carnival theme is definitely something that no battle royale has tried until now, and it’s great to see how it will all come together.

How they are going to implement a carnival theme into the game is very interesting. It feels very tricky to add such a theme, but it’s still a lot of fun to see how these things all add up, and overall the experience is quite amazing in its own right. With that being said, there are some characters like Mirage, Gibraltar, and Octane being featured, which makes us believe they might actually be some of the main characters they will focus on during this season.

The poster itself is a homage to the old carnival posters, and it does state that the carnival is taking place on World’s Edge. We weren’t on that map for quite some time, so it does make sense for the map to receive some attention. If anything, we can expect some sort of carnival in one part of the map. But where and how they add that is anyone’s guess. What we do know is Apex Legends impresses us with its great style and ideas, and the gameplay is very refreshing.

And thankfully we don’t have to wait that much either since Apex Legends season 16 is coming in in the next few weeks. It’s definitely a bit of a challenge to see how the season will implement this new theme or what the theme is about, but it’s totally worth it to get back into the game!

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