3 Blizzard App exclusive Call of Duty games coming to Steam


One of the interesting things about the potential Microsoft – Activision merger is the fact that some of the games which were not available on other platforms are finally coming to Steam. And that’s the case with 3 Call of duty games, the ones before Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty games came to steam
Call of Duty games came to steam

So, what Call of Duty games did just come out on Steam? These are Call of Duty 2019, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, and also Call of Duty Vanguard. The interesting thing is that yes, you can get them at a 50% discount, albeit just for a limited time. That’s a great way to get into these games, and the best part is that the discount is there for around 2 weeks, until march 23rd.

By the way, have you seen the latest news about Starfield, which Bethesda has developed over the years? Finally, the release date has been announced.

Legacy Call of Duty Games Coming Soon to Steam

If you always wanted to own these Call of Duty games on Steam, this is the right time to get into them. And the best part is that they do have great singleplayer, but also a very engaging multiplayer experience. We can only assume that the games will have even more players since Steam offers additional exposure and the half off price is going to be very appealing for a lot of players. But that’s what makes this addition great, because not a lot of people were expecting any other Call of Duty game to arrive on Steam.

However, we can understand their decision. Since Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 launched, the game has been a consistent seller and it does have an exceptional array of sales. They also launched a lot of DLC too, which really shows the great potential of the game and series as a whole. The Call of Duty presence on Steam has certainly helped the brand, so we can expect other Blizzard App exclusives to come to the platform. When will that happen is anyone’s guess.

Yet we know that Call of Duty is always a top seller and these games were already polished and patched, so getting them at a half off deal is a great thing. Plus, it’s a lot easier to play with the Steam integration and there are quite a lot of interesting features to be had here. As a whole, we think that adding them to Steam was a very good decision, and it’s certainly going to bring in a lot of profits. In the end, it’s an exceptional opportunity and a solid ROI.

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